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The Best Shirt Tailors (Without Ever Leaving Your Chair)

September 18, 2011


I salute Slate’s Farhad Manjoo; like him (the opposite actually), my chest is a little moobsy (too many push ups) and my arms are a touch bulgy (too many chin ups); if I were to buy off-the-rack, I would have to buy a size and a half to big to accomodate leaving the torso area […]

Truman Handcrafted iPad and Macbook Portfolios

September 4, 2011


I covered some well designed and downright innovative Hard Graft iPad and Macbook cases not too long ago and since I’m on the hunt for some attire for a soon-to-be-mine iPad 2, I’ve expanded the search into the realm of luxuriously handcrafted leather cases. Starting with the finest leather, ¬†each piece is cut, sewn and […]