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Bespoke Wardrobe: Your iPhone 4 Customised With SLED Casebacks

May 14, 2012


Age is catching up with me; fortunately, this newfound maturity also means a new outlook towards spending less but paying more for quality. I spoke with Eric Heins of Corter Bags¬†recently and I’ve come to admire craftsman more and more, preferring the bespoke lifestyle over mass production. And while almost all of your wardrobe can […]

Bespoke Wardrobe: Caught Up in Corter Leather Bags

May 10, 2012


Handcrafted goods- some consider it as unnecessary expense; I consider it a luxe investment. Truth is, with anything bespoke, what you are paying for is the quality that not only lasts but exudes classic elegance. Fact is, you could spend thousands trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve, but a real Monsieur realizes the […]

Truman Handcrafted iPad and Macbook Portfolios

September 4, 2011


I covered some well designed and downright innovative Hard Graft iPad and Macbook cases not too long ago and since I’m on the hunt for some attire for a soon-to-be-mine iPad 2, I’ve expanded the search into the realm of luxuriously handcrafted leather cases. Starting with the finest leather, ¬†each piece is cut, sewn and […]

Best of Etsy: Portel iPhone Leather Wallets

May 5, 2011


I really need to stop shopping. I digress; No doubt, some man’s magazines make it an annual affair to have a write up on how real men should sort their wallets and keep it lean (at least in terms of junking out old receipts and expired condoms), I believe that Portel’s iPhone leather wallets are […]

Best of Etsy: DonnaODesigns Personalised Tie Bars

May 2, 2011


I recently made a retrotastic find on Etsy! Let me preface this with a caveat, fedoras are back and while tie bars might give you that slight dreaded sensation of “trying too hard”, these personalised tie bars from DonnaODesign come in a simply elegant shade of plain sterling silver save for your name or initials. […]