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Danger Zone: SIHH 2012 IWC Collection for Top Guns

February 5, 2012


To those of you born in my era, I can almost hear the collective grown at the obvious “Danger Zone” pun. To you I say- HUSH. I’m referring to the Danger Zone only in terms of how close I am to spend money set aside for the mortgage on one of the new IWC Pilot […]

Independent Watchmaking: Speake Marin Spirit Pioneer

January 5, 2012


As the wife will attest, beyond my love for her, there will always be that special place in my heart (and holes in my wallet) for established watch maisons; but lately I’ve been finding myself in the quiet caress of the independent watchmaker. They say the wandering eye has been the downfall of many relationships […]

The Best Looking Quartz Watch: Uniform Wares 250 Series Wristwatch

October 26, 2011


War, what is it good for? Definitely not absolutely nothing. Wrist watches for one, they got invented during the first World War. Lord knows but I’m guessing it’s not particularly healthy to stop as bullets whizz by while you try to fish your pocket watch from your trench coat (yes, the first trench coat was […]

How to Buy Watches for Any Occasion

October 3, 2011


First off, I’d to apologise for my prolonged absence (travel) and begin (sort of) the week on a high note of usefulness to as many readers as possible- Many weblogs seem to only pay attention to big name marques (understandable when you need to pander to advertisers), as an honest (I’d like to think so) […]

Old School New Watches: Nixon SAM and Bell & Ross BR S

June 9, 2011


New Vintage Look: Nixon Sam and Bell & Ross Watches Vintage, military and aviation style watches have been all the rage. Beginning with an opening salvo of NATO strapped military Burberry watches and then culminating with Australian cult brand Nixon, it’s proof in the pudding that form follows function. Taking design cues and influences from […]

Dress Above Your Paygrade: Vintage Bulova Art Deco Watches

June 8, 2011


When it comes to shopping for a great looking luxury watch, it can be a bit of a challenge to dress above your paygrade. At, I’m often accused of supporting those “Impractical ten thousand dollar watch brands” and today, I’m here to correct that by sharing a collector’s open secret- Bulova. Suffering from a […]

Watch Porn Retrospective: Tudor for Work or Play

May 16, 2011


Over the years Tudor gained an unflattering reputation as a “low-end” Rolex. However, new vigor and watch making excellence has given birth to all new TUDOR timepieces that effortlessly communicate classic elegance and performance.┬áDesigned for performance and crafted for sophistication, 2010 was a year that rightly belonged to Tudor; Its offerings that year- the Tudor […]

Watch Porn Retrospective: Cartier Santos 100 Carbon

May 10, 2011


I was digging through my old files when I came upon a Cartier Press Release circa 2009 about the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon automatic and chronograph editions. This was way back before the stealth look was even in vogue. Available in steel polished bezel on steel ADLC matt black coating or in high contrast pink […]

Quality, Style, Respect: Make Your First Luxury Watch a Rolex

April 15, 2011


Let me start with a true story: Not too long ago (6 months give or take), a CEO who shall go unnamed was robbed. The muggers stripped him of literally everything, Cartier cufflinks included. They left him his $320,000 watch. The reason? Police surmise they were looking for a Rolex or didn’t recognise the brand […]

Orange With Envy: Rolex 216670 Orange Hand Explorer II

March 26, 2011


I think you need to reach a certain age before Rolex begins to hold a siren call for you. I recently turned 30 and it wasn’t for long before the Rolex bug bit. Alas, it was a vintage Rolex GMT Explorer II reference 1655 that caught my eye. Unfortunately, Rolex stopped making this eye catching […]