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Men’s Style Tip: Accent Shoes – Opening Ceremony M1 Desert Suede Boots

February 6, 2012


It wasn’t too long ago that I was offering some quick tips on How to Wear Colour and today for those still hesitant about jumping into the colour spectrum, here’s a little style tip for you to at least dip your feet (pardon the pun) into the rainbow- try on a pair of accent shoes […]

Shoes. An Index to Civilisation? If So, Cole Haan is a Good Gauge

December 11, 2011


In medieval times, foot coverings were mostly rags and strips of leather, sometimes abetted by a thick wooden overshoe, the patten, which raised the wearer above the mud and muck. With so much else to face — plague, famine, mud — people back then weren’t in the best position to pay attention to their shoes. […]

Menswear 2012: Definitely Not Run of the Mill

December 8, 2011


I’m ashamed to admit, I’m a little late to the party. Run Of the Mill stopped taking orders for their shoes on 26 November, but yet here I am with a small write up because I do believe theirs is a shop that is definitely not run of the mill. Beautiful, well crafted and coming […]

Luxe Investment: Corthay Shoes from Monsieur Corthay

October 30, 2011


Pierre Corthay ranks amongst the best. That needed to be said upfront. A classically trained shoemaker, he apprenticed at luminary marques John Lobb and Berlutti and let me say unequivocally- the apple doesn’t fall very fair away from the shoemaking tree. Though Corthay shoes often straddle (rather successfully I might add) the line between what’s […]

Step Out in Style Autumn Winter 2011: Bstore for French Trotters

October 16, 2011


Alden for FrenchTrotters from FrenchTrotters on Vimeo. When I last touched on French Trotters in the How to Complement Your Suit article, they were really just a footnote (no pun intended) introduction to a label that was stylistically timeless yet captured the ephemeral quality of trendiness through in-vogue-cordovan  foot ware. I didn’t say much then but with French Trotters, the […]

Dress Above Your Paygrade: Topman Loake Derby Shoes & Fringe Tassle Loafers

August 22, 2011


It’s always nice to have a dependable name in High Street to give us relatively affordable sartorial options for men, in this case- Topman; And when you combine High Street men’s clothes with luxury handmade leather shoe atelier Loake, what you get is a pretty powerful combination of well crafted men’s designer shoes at mass […]

When in Brogues…Crockett & Jones “Weymouth” Oxford Wholecut Shoes

August 12, 2011


I’ve had a long 2 weeks (in-laws in town coupled with a big presentation at work) so please pardon the pun especially when the last movie I watched on digital TV was In Bruges (awesome movie FYI). When in Brogues…Crockett & Jones Weymouth Oxford Wholecut Shoes Wing Tip Brogues are in vogue now and that’s […]