From Reservoir to Boardwalk: Monsieur Steve Buscemi

Posted on February 7, 2011



Steve Buscemi has won both Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe for his role as Nucky in Boardwalk Empire. He's pictured here as Dr. Robert Wilson in City of War: John Rabe

Steve Buscemi to me is like one of those Christopher Walken types. I hate to make the comparison but men like him and Walken  usually play varied roles and they invariably share one commonality- they make it their own. In fact, their signature styles are what makes them great fodder for comedic impersonators and more importantly, adds a touch of realistic dramatic gravitas for their reel personas.

Call me Mr. Pink

Born December 13, 1957, Steven Vincent Buscemi is something of regular in the Tarantino-Rodriguez duo of films, playing a stable of small but crucial parts that serve primarily to drive the narrative- whether as the unnamed bar hound in Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado or a Buddy Holly cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (cue diatribe on USD5 milkshakes), such is the versatility of Buscemi’s method of madness that even when he plays leads like Mr. Pink in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, he practically steals the scene. [Read the rest here at]

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Personally, I’m interested in downloading catching Buscemi in John Rabe. Fingers crossed for the DVD when I check in at the local Borders Bookstore later.

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