Not Just for Girls Anymore: Swarovski Designer Suits

Posted on February 8, 2011


Left to Right: Emporio Armani and Boss Selection

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Swarovski. It’s undeniably female, yet from what I saw last about their men’s accessories, Natalie Collins, a lead designer for the brand really has a bead on things. Whether it’s nurturing up and coming young designers or serving up bling for rappers and women of leisure everywhere, it looks like this Austrian luxury costume jeweller is also on the up and up with their latest Swarovski Elements Capsule collection.

1. Emporio Armani for Swarovski: I’ve always loved the idea of inner bling on a man. It’s subtle and you don’t come across like P. Diddy. Style Timelessness: 1.5/5 (You can’t wear it all the time). Style Trendworthiness: 5/5 (It’s as trendy as it gets).

2. Boss Selection for Swarovski: Black on black plaid = yummy. Classically elegant and easy on the shine. It conveys effortless luxury. Pretty affordable too. Way to go BOSSStyle Timelessness: 4/5 (It’s a tux though paired with jeans- a real statement). Style Trendworthiness: 5/5 (It’s as trendy as it gets).

16 leading names in men’s luxury designer suits from Ermenegildo Zegna to Dior Homme, the capsule collection ranges from avant garde to timeless classics with a twist. Brioni and in terms of men’s accessories, even the classic brogue of Salvatore Ferragamo makes an appearance with Swarovski’s light touch.

Left to right: Gianfranco Ferre and Dior Homme

3. Gianfranco Ferre: Whoa Nelly. Turn heads and catch eyes you international man of mystery you. Style Timelessness: 2/5 (You can’t wear it all the time). Style Trendworthiness: 5/5 (It’s as trendy as it gets).

4. Dior Homme: Double breasted suit with slim tie? Love the thick (blazer) vs thin (necktie) contrast. Style Timelessness: 4/5 (Goes a long Long way. Even when double breasted goes out of style, you can still make a statement with it). Style Trendworthiness: 3/5 (It gets punched up with use of the skinny tie).

What the suit designers thought

” I thought of using the crystals of light as a precious and unusual detail , “said Giorgio Armani. Kris Van Assche, creative director of Dior Homme sought to create ” something beautiful inside as out . ” According to Massimiliano Giordano- Ferragamo crystal represents ” the sensuality and the dream “, while Massimo Piombo felt that Swarovski could become the “paprika” in the world of men’s fashion . ”

Left to Right: Roberto Cavalli and Marni

5. Roberto Cavalli: A tad much for me but I know some fashion mavericks out there who will be just dying to take this baby out for a test run. The only thing more gangsta than a pinstripe suit is one where the pinstripe is made with Swarovski crystals. Style Timelessness: 1/5 (Wear it in doses. Not the whole set all the time either. Split it with casual dark jeans). Style Trendworthiness: 4/5 (You don’t want to look like a hip hop star all the time. Unless you do and then it’s a good thing).

6. Marni: From the looks of things, 3 buttons are making a comeback. Marni accents theirs with lined crystals- calling to attention the classic cut and shape of a well made suit. Very astute Marni. Style Timelessness: 3/5 (Can be worn on Fridays. Not all of them- people notice). Style Trendworthiness: 4/5 (Trendy, almost classic. Adds a touch of character).

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