Best of Etsy: DonnaODesigns Personalised Tie Bars

Posted on May 2, 2011


I recently made a retrotastic find on Etsy! Let me preface this with a caveat, fedoras are back and while tie bars might give you that slight dreaded sensation of “trying too hard”, these personalised tie bars from DonnaODesign come in a simply elegant shade of plain sterling silver save for your name or initials.

Though dubbed by the creator (I assume her name is Donna) as a great gift for groomsmen. I find that this set of 5 tie bars can be personalised to fit any individual with a sense of whimsy. How’s this for an idea: a tie bar for work with just your cryptic initials. One for casual outfits with just your first name, another for serious meetings with your family name and one with just your date of birth.

Handcrafted and coming with a choice of type faces dependent on length of your names/words/messages, it comes in brushed finish as above or in polished silver- which I feel just smacks of sophistication. Get it here. Also available in gold filled goodness. Now if only there was some way to have your text in glittering gold…

Posted in: men's style