Go Sockless: Alden & Unionmade Tassel Mocc in Reverse Chamois

Posted on July 20, 2011


Since 1884, the Alden Shoe Company has designed and manufactured classic gentlemen's footwear that represents America's tradition of old-school, custom shoemaking at its finest

Alden and Unionmade Tassel Mocc in Reverse Chamois

I’ve often found going sockless with leather loafers akin to playing Russian roulette with your heels- You never know if going sockless would earn you a nice raw blister. Fortunately, for bare ankle aficionados like myself, Alden and Unionmade have a wonderful Tassel Mocc in Reverse Chamois. Chamois are a tad (ok, significantly) more comfortable than treated leather and the velvety feel of Reverse Chamois Loafers make going feet bare so much more enjoyable. Classically elegant, the tassels lend themselves to an air of quiet dignity- perfect even with socks for the office- I suggest pairing your Alden and Unionmade Chamois Loafers with Paul Smiths. [Buy it here]

Alden and Unionmade Tassle Mocc in Reverse Chamois

How to Prevent Foot Odor When Going Sockless

  1. Ignore folks calling you a snob and get a cedar tree– Cedar shoe trees not only maintain the shape but more importantly absorb odour causing sweat and moisture. A dry shoe is a happy, crease-free shoe; Great for after getting caught in the rain. No newspaper is a bad idea, unless you like newsprint on your leather linings.
  2. Don’t wear the same pair daily. The reasons are two fold- it’ll give your shoes time to air between wearings and it makes for great shoe maintenance when you give it time to get back into shape. A day between wearings is optimal though more is better.
  3. Foot powder in the shoes before you wear them is a great idea. I use Johnson’s baby talcum, it not only absorbs sweat, it keeps your feet dry- like most baby powders, it’s antibacterial; always a plus.
  4. Alternatively, use ankle loafer socks.  These are low cut socks that remain hidden in your loafers. I recommend the Mocc Sock.
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