Backpacks That Don’t Make You Look Like You’re in High School

Posted on August 17, 2011


I don’t and I certainly don’t expect many of my fine readers to dress in suits or jeans & sport jacket ensembles at all times. Heck, Monsieurs are classic dressers not insane ones; that said, it’s been a criticism that I often neglect the stylish side of casual and have been too focused on formal and smart casual wear. I’m here to correct that, starting with my number 1 grouse (borne of years riding the metro)- men who look like they never grew up.

If dressed like that, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE.

It’s quite a common sight to see grown men with their Wall Street Journals and Forbes make the rush hour commute with backpacks. Hell, I have nothing against backpacks. I just have a problem when these obviously white collar professionals carrying their belongings in what looks like their gym bag or worse Jansport or North Face (no offense) haversacks from High School.

Designer Backpacks That Don’t Make You Look Like You’re in High School

Left: Kichizo by Porter. Right: Nanamica Cycling Pack.

I perfectly understand the utilitarian need to ride the metro and have hands free for grabbing rails and holding your espresso but here’s the kicker- form and function are NOT incompatible ideals in your haversack. In fact, whether you are in business garb or leather jacket with V-neck tee and jeans, here are two designer backpacks that will allow you to clear this style hurdle comfortably.

Nanamica backpack in Cordura Twill. 100% polyester.

Kichizo by Porter

The Kichizo collection features many backpacks but this one by Porter is well designed and the devil is in the details. From the quilted liner interior to black finished leather straps and brass hardware, this is one back back that I won’t be embarrassed to sling for work or play. [Shop here. “Tender Lovin” keychain in images not included]

Nanamica Cycling Pack

Merely an issue of potato potatoe, what we call a designer backpack, Nanamica calls it a Cycling Pack. Semantics aside, this stylistically similar haversack gets TheMonsieur’s vote because of their use of adventurous materials like Gray Herringbone and Cordura Twill. I loved both and since I was unable to decide which to feature, you get to enjoy both looks. Ed’s note: The off white Cordura Twill version is striking and because it’s 100% polyester, I would think it’s relatively stain resistant. The Herringbone version is just oozes elegant gentlemanly appeal (always a plus at [Shop here].

Not too coincidentally, both from Japan. 


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