Affordable Luxury: Artisan Leather Laptop Tote

Posted on October 7, 2011


Artisan Leather Laptop Tote

Was having a look around the awesome repository of information and images that is the internet when I chanced upon a drop dead gorgeous leather laptop case- the Artisan Leather Computer Lap Desk & Tote.

The Artisan Leather Laptop Tote is shown here in chestnut but is also available in chocolate

It’s a mouthful of a name, I don’t even know why the crafters of something so beautiful can conceive of such a poor moniker but I do know that the aged leather look that so many appreciate in finely aged hide comes built in courtesy of rich chestnut highlights that bring out this leather laptop tote’s natural tone and texture. Faux suede inner lining creates a velvet embrace for sensitive electronics. An affordable luxury at $199 with hand-stitched trim (and also available in chocolate), your macbook deserves an artisan leather case that offers both protection and character wouldn’t you agree? [Shop here]

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