Step Out in Style Autumn Winter 2011: Bstore for French Trotters

Posted on October 16, 2011


Alden for FrenchTrotters from FrenchTrotters on Vimeo.

When I last touched on French Trotters in the How to Complement Your Suit article, they were really just a footnote (no pun intended) introduction to a label that was stylistically timeless yet captured the ephemeral quality of trendiness through in-vogue-cordovan  foot ware. I didn’t say much then but with French Trotters, the truth is in the adage- a picture speaks a thousand words (or if you haven’t noticed- navy laces with brown leather shoes. How’s that for trendsetting?)

Autumn Winter 2011 Style: Bstore for French Trotters

Available in grey or brown leather Richelieu, each Bstore shoe is made in Portugal and comes lovingly crafted with au naturale leather soles (incidentally this means you can wear them to dance class) but it also means that you might want to bring them to a cobbler for some toe and heel “grips”. Either way, if you needed classically elegant shoes in at least two hues for different sartorial combinations, Bstore French Trotters are pretty much a safe bet when it comes to your trotting needs. [Shop here]

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