Crazy.Awesome.Suits: How to Dress Like Ryan Gosling

Posted on November 23, 2011


So… Confession: It’s not often that one Monsieur develops a man crush on another. Then you get a prime specimen smartly suited, effortlessly snarky, spectacularly sculpted in the form of Ryan Gosling in his latest film- Crazy.Stupid.Love. Yes, the movie is a departure from brooding independent flick Drive (check out his beautiful Patek Philippe)but steering from noir into the realm of Hollywood dramedy, there can be little doubt that Gosling and his crazy awesome suits (did you see Fracture?) are on the way into the stratosphere.

Crazy Awesome Suit featuring Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy

The Suits from Crazy.Stupid.Love.

In the movie, Ryan Gosling’s suits are actually designed by The Stroke’s Albert Hammond Jr. Impeccably cut, the musician partnered with Ilaria Urbinati of LA boutique Confederacy producing what I’ve found to be one of the more exquisitely detailed (leather tipped lapels and pocket sleeves) suits for menswear 2011. Pricey (USD2125 and up) as befitting bespoke creations, each hand tailored outfit embody the spirit of classic elegance that would ensure many years of fine fitting luxury for its owner.

The blue suit worn by Ryan Gosling is also available in Brown Houndstooth by Albert Hammond Jr.

The devil is indeed in the details– tortoise buttons, double vents in the back, the aforementioned leather tips,  Hammond Jr. was a little taken aback by the initial price tag following production but he found assurance in the solid hand stitched nature of his three piece offerings, “It’s the kind of suit that you’ll still have in 10 years.”

That said, while I was a little surprised that the Costume Designer for Crazy.Stupid.Love. would pick tailored artistry from a rocker for The Stroke but on hindsight, a role like the womanizing Jacob Palmer would require a rocker aesthetic.

Dressing like Ryan Gosling isn’t going to be easy but Hammond Jr. gives us some valuable insight, “I used to tailor my clothes so much that you wouldn’t even recognize what you originally bought at the store and on my solo tour, I kept being asked about my clothes, so articles about myself always mentioned a suit. So I thought it just made sense that I would try and make suits.”

This Stroke is a rocking sartorial wonder himself.

Then of course, there’s a delectable burgundy version that Jacob  Ryan rocks in the movie and suddenly, I find my eyes opened- the dapper musician with the stylish wardrobe with a 30-30-30 question question spread on his music, inspiration and sartorial sensibilities has convinced me that burgundy need not just be worn with blue denims; it’s totally ok to don the whole suit and pick up women at a bar and no one would consider you a member playing for the other team. [Shop here]

Ryan wore the burgundy suit featured on the extreme right in the movie.

Shot by celebrated men’s fashion photographer Eric Ray Davidson, the Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy collection is in a limited run and on cursory check, it appears to have been completely sold out. That said, fellow Monsieurs looking to dress like Ryan Gosling can still get the look by observing a few crucial rules:

  1. Find a good tailor
  2. Details like buttons, different materials on lapels and pocket flaps can be customized.
  3. When buying off the rack, always buy one size smaller than you think you are.
  4. Get an off the rack suit altered to fit first chance you get.
  5. An hour at the gym is worth two at the tailor (did you see his friggen abs?)

Is Ryan Gosling the man with Everything?

He got the girl, he has the abs but I guess we can all take some comfort that he didn’t get to keep his suits, “They didn’t give me those suits. I wanted those suits. They’re sitting in a warehouse somewhere, I don’t know who that serves. They’re there, fitted for me, not being worn by me. Now that I’m an actor and I have movies, press, I have more occasions to wear suits. I like wearing suits.” He might not have everything but he’s definitely still- man crush worthy.

Monsieur’s Brief: Gosling’s shirts are from Alexander McQueen, Simon Spurr and Yves Saint Laurent.  The rings if you must know are David Yurman but my advice is- the only jewelry worn by a gentleman should be his watch, his wedding ring and one religious symbol. But then again, Jacob was a player; an entirely different beast.

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