Luxe Investment: Moschino Velvet Blazer

Posted on December 5, 2011


I’ve yet to see Neal Caffrey in one but for his real life luminaries- Grant, Sinatra and Astaire (this Monsieur was buried in one),  it was de riguer attire for upstanding gentlemen.

Before you allude the crassness of a velvet blazer to kings of pornographic empires, please remember that Hugh didn’t start the trend, it was already over 200 years in the making when turkish tobacco was flooding English dens and smoking rooms.

Thankfully, in the age of the growing anti-smoking lobby, this once smoke absorbing and ash protecting functional garment has outgrown its initial utilitarian purposes and grown into an additional feather in the hats of any human peacock.

A Real Smokin’ Jacket

Long time readers of the blog will understand that I’m not one for brand names (although I have certainly espoused the quality and construction for many of them)  and so while Moschino is not on my sartorial radar, I must admit that their Velvet Blazer is; paired with denims and matched with patent leather oxfords, this Moschino Velvet Blazer in red with black leather piped trim, notched lapels and double buttons is the thing to get your inner pimp (and I mean this positively). It’s not cheap, expect to spend over $1000 but do be prepared (barring weight gain) to enjoy this jacket for generations [Shop here]

Monsieur’s note: Inner Pimp- as in wear this jacket and women would be flocking to you. Even if they weren’t flocking, they’d definitely notice you. What you do with the attention is none of our business.

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