Emotional Baggage: J. Panther Courier Ruc Case in black leather

Posted on December 21, 2011


I haven’t written in a while and it’s only because year end holiday planning and the clearing of 2011 work for new 2012 projects tends to make quick work of available free time. That said, inspiration interruptus, objects of beauty (women and well designed luxury goods) tend to pull me out of my stupor- today, I’m roused and aroused by J. Panther Luggage Co.’s new Courier Ruc Case.

Courier Ruc Case in black leather

In black leather, rugged yet sublime, elegant yet functional, this bag is touted by the lovely crafters at J. Panther to withstand the roughest treatment en route to the office- a work-oriented bag they call it. It’s really hard to disagree with the on-site marketing blurb, even their claims of grace- it’s hard to deny or discount the care and detail from the hand crafted Horween leather to the exact dimensions that make this messenger bag (can it be called that?) so functional yet beautiful.

I don’t think these dimensions have been tried either, making the Courier Ruc Case one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s accessory arsenal. Carried by the handles, it’s a classic briefcase; with twin straps, it’s a ruck sack; over the shoulder, it’s a messenger- Done with your commute, you won’t be displaced with other CBD suit jockeys and their LV briefcases. Did I mention it’s rain resistant? [shop here]

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