Menswear 2012: Alexander McQueen Fall Collection

Posted on January 18, 2012


The man may have passed but his legacy lives on in Sarah Burton, if ever there was proof that women can sometimes make better menswear designers than men, this is it. Working with Savile Row luminary Huntsman, Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2012 collection  harkens back to an age of classically elegant gent and gentry; a world of dinner jackets and the Prince of Wales check.

Alexander McQueen Fall Menswear 2012

 The Monsieur’s Brief: Whether it’s the waistcoat, the britches (retro) to the double breasted Prince of Wales check suit, Sarah Burton has outdone herself. It is THE Monsieur’s brand this 2012. From needle punched lapel to the slim fit trousers, the clothes were so deliciously retro-elegant yet wonderfully contemporary it has taken the costume of the runway to something that any man can take and instantly develop into a signature look; and if you’re feeling like channeling a little Goodfellas, the double breasted pinstriped just begs to get you egged by #occupy protestors- perfect for power dressing for a meeting.

Sartorial Investment

Alexander McQueen Fall Menswear 2012

What I really enjoy about this look is the perfect balance between great for the office and absolutely head turning at the club (okay, maybe only the one pictured right)- these are the best cut double breasted blazers I’ve seen bar getting them bespoke at the tailor’s.

Turn Heads aka Peacocking

Really enjoying those shoes in burgundy.

Readers of Neil Strauss’s The Game (it’s about human social dynamics and not sleazy pick up tips), “peacocking” is what’s described as being able to “stand out” from the crowd. While the book suggests some garish and frankly quite cheesy methods for turning heads, these non-suits from Alexander McQueen’s latest fall collection is quite the Monsieur’s way of saying, “Hey, look at me.”

Two Reasons to Get too Big for Your Britches

Britches, once a fashion question mark and possibly now, a potential sartorial staple thanks to Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton.

I would never have believed that a day would come where I would have felt that modern man could pull off britches but by God, Sarah Burton’s astute styling has given such a clean contemporary look to a vintage garment that I actually find myself entertaining the idea of buying a pair and rocking the look; and damn, it’s a good look.

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