Dre Monster Beats It’s Not. Parrot Zik Headphones by Starck are a Class Apart.

Posted on February 26, 2012


I’m not knocking the aesthetics- the white headphones with iconic “b” logo are about fanciest looking pieces of technology since the eponymous iPod; but for a Monsieur, Dre Monster Beats tend to make one look more like a hipster than a gentlemen. Thank God for Parrot Zik Headphones by Philippe Starck. The matt black with brushed steel look make these headphones look equal parts masculine and cultured.

Looks Great, Sounds Great- Parrot Ziks Headphones

That said, never judge a book by its cover and if you dig deep into the circuit boards of the headset, you’d find an active noise canceling system, Bluetooth A2DP stereo and even NFC (Near field) support meaning wireless transfer. Additionally, a presence sensor system can send your Parrot Ziks into battery saving standby when they’re not in use. Combined with digital sound processing, you can enjoy great sounds with some class and style. [Pre-Order Here]

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