Menswear 2012: Burberry Black Label

Posted on May 13, 2012


In this US-Euro-Anglo-centric world, I’m often pretty surprised when brands like Burberry save the good stuff for Asia. Burberry Black Label’s Spring Summer 2012 collection for men is a combination of fashion forward cuts combined with classic looks- all in all, making this season’s offering one of the sharpest (because of the slim cutting) this season.

menswear 2012 burberry black label spring summer

Hugh Vidal is the face of burberry black label spring summer 2012

Burberry Black Label Spring Summer 2012

Leading the spring campaign is Hugh Vidler, whom thankfully is the face of rather than the designer of the collection- huge points lost for the Bieber-esque hairstyle in my humble opinion. Burberry Black Label is a men’s only collection not to be confused with Blue Label. [Visit Burberry Black Label]

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