Home Improvement Without Breaking the Bank with Lux Design

Posted on June 6, 2012


There’s tacit understanding that monsieurs would wear reputable watches, dress stylishly and of course, live in condos with stylish interiors ala Tom Ford. Upgrading your Condo can be an expensive undertaking but Lux Design has found a way for affordable home improvement without breaking the bank.

home improvement without breaking the bank - Toy Factory Loft

A loft living room as envisioned by Lux Design

Introducing Condo Quickie: A Lux Design Home Improvement Package

Home improvement without breaking the bank - lux design Bedroom

A bachelor’s bedroom as envisioned by Lux Design

  1. The $1299 package is quite affordable. Does it include furniture and renovation?
    $1299 covers the cost of producing the interior design. Afterwards the costs associated with coordinating the purchased furniture, delivering and assembling it into place are all covered by the furniture suppliers. Since we do so much business with the furniture vendors that they love us and offer us commissions on the purchases which we use to subsidize the actual cost of the design and project management fee. The beautiful thing is that the clients do not pay anything different for the furniture than they would if they walked into the store on their own, and they get a really discounted design price that they wouldn’t get at other design firms.
  2. Who came up with this idea?
    The owner of the boutique design firm LUX Design, Isabelle Glinka
  3. Was it a business necessity as a result of cost cutting measures within the consumer market?
    I would say it is a result of true understanding of clients’ needs. We found a large market of condo buyers that were young professionals who are willing to spend a reasonable (affordable) design fee on home improvement. We found out what people really need, and we embrace it.
  4. There are 6 designers in your design team, what is your creative approach?
    At LUX Design, we believe in a full circle designer approach. That means that each client is assigned a specific designer based on the style they are after and their personality. The client works with this one designer from the initial meeting right through to the reveal. Although the client only works with one designer, all designers in the office work in collaboration to ensure each design produced is nothing short of exemplary. We frequently hold brainstorm meetings in the office so that the designers can share ideas, trends, thoughts and creative input.
  5. Can you explain how Condo Quickie has “demystified the design process”?
    Before the birth of The Condo Quickie, people would often call our parent company – LUX Design – and question: “ well. I have never really worked with a design firm before.. I don’t know how much it costs or if I can afford it. how do you charge the client, how does it work. What is included.?” The gist of this was that the majority of the public had no idea what was involved with working with a design firm. It’s easy to see as well that many design firms do not even offer pricing on their websites. Some charge 150 per hour and some upwards of 750, so there is no real set standard. After realizing this, Isabelle decided to put an end to this mysticism and thus came up with The Condo Quickie. It is one price, and you know exactly what services you are getting from us, right from the start. Essentially, the goal was to turn the design service into a product. Products are simple. You see it, you know what it will do for you and you take it home, no guess work! [Visit Lux Design]
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