Lux Design Tips for Home Improvement

Posted on June 6, 2012


As told to The Monsieur by Isabelle Glinka of Lux Design.

Tips for Home Improvement

1. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box! Usually when we have lived in a space for so long, we get used to it and may miss seeing its fullest potential.

2. Having an outside opinion even from a friend can work wonders. Some great questions to ask yourself are, does my place reflect my personality, is it functional, does it have that wow factor that we all crave to come home to?

3. Try re-arranging the furniture. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-arranging your furniture or making a bold move like painting one wall out in a dramatic colour.

4. Have a plan before making any changes. If you suddenly start buying pieces here and there you may end up with a non-cohesive interior which then becomes very hard to work with. Ensure you have a colour scheme and overall style determined before doing any shopping.

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