Suit Boots: Stylish Boots for the Office

Posted on January 19, 2013


It’s been raining for the last 24 hours where I live (Singapore). Not wanting to ruin my suede slippers or loafers, I started to make a mental shortlist of stylish boots for work– Alas, I have only one pair, blue houndstooth check Timberlands- they might do the trick for monday but not for the long run so I dug around the internet for boots that go well suits.

Oliver Spencer black brogue boots are as stylish as they are tough to polish. So I've given them a miss this time.

Oliver Spencer black brogue boots are as stylish as they are tough to polish. So I’ve given them a miss this time.

Top 3 Boots to go with Suits

In case you’re wondering, boots can go perfectly with suits and it’s not just because it rhymes either. Here’s how to wear boots with your suits- First, it should be elegantly shaped and have a slim sole. Second, wear them if your trousers cuffed- single or double fold (as in the picture above). Third, the shoe/belt/suit matching rule still applies- you know the drill. Granted “elegantly shaped” requires a judgement call and so I’ve included a few images.

top 3 boots for suits- MULLER_boots

The Muller is a simply-designed boot with with clean lines and soft leather and will become your closet staple.

1. Muller Black Helm Boot

One of the things I loved about the Muller was the subtle contrast sole. I say subtle because unlike the usual solid colour contrast sole, the Muller Black sandwiched the white between two elegant layers of reddish brown (a HELM signature). The simple design coupled with soft leather makes it a versatile boot with wool trousers or denim jeans. [Get these Muller boots here]

The Wolverine 744 LTD.

The Wolverine 744 LTD.

2. Wolverine Boots 744 LTD

A retro design and definitely very Prohibition or Boardwalk Empire style, the Wolverine 744 LTD is based on a model first introduced in the 20s. Made from the kick-ass Chicago tannery Horween- the burgundy leather boot slight “brogue” (technically perforated) detailing makes it the perfect boots for a grey suit. Stocks are limited so grab them fast [Get the 744 LTD from Haberdash]

Alden's 405C boots- an update of Indiana Jones's original

Alden’s 405C boots- an update of Indiana Jones’s original

3. The Indy Boot – Alden’s 405C

Which geek would leave out Indiana Jones’s work boots? Definitely not this one. While Indy’s original boots from Alden’s were designed for the harsh wear required running from pesky college students and Nazis, they weren’t designed for wet weather and snow. The 405C boots now come with traction for slick pavements and built with lightweight cowhide for water resistance. Sartorially acceptable and geek approved. [Get your Aldens 405C before Lucas ruins yet another franchise at Leffot]

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