Ride Stylishly: Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in Leather

Posted on April 29, 2011


While my interests tend to lay towards the stylish or well designed; like any hot blooded male, I do enjoy tinkering with machines I own; The last time I wrote about a dapper addition to my bicycle, it was really a leather cuff accessory for me to use. This time, the adornment is for my beloved street bicycle.

A name like Oopsmark doesn’t really augur well for a maker of wine bottle holders for bicycles (Pardon my corniness- Oops! The wine spilled and made a mark..); moving on – The brainchild of Jesse from Canada, he promises that “The rack secures tightly to the frame so that the two parts do not separate.”

Not just mere words without substance, the Montreal native apparently performed a lot of R&D on the leather bicycle wine rack before its release on the hottest online distribution network since Ebay. The great thing is that it works on different sized bottles (at least in terms of length) and all the fittings and hardware are a combination of brass and leather. In terms of timeless elegance you might already know that brass doesn’t rust and it will age beautifully into a greenish copper tone.

Fits a 1″ bike frame and available on Etsy.

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