Best of Etsy: Portel iPhone Leather Wallets

Posted on May 5, 2011


I really need to stop shopping. I digress; No doubt, some man’s magazines make it an annual affair to have a write up on how real men should sort their wallets and keep it lean (at least in terms of junking out old receipts and expired condoms), I believe that Portel’s iPhone leather wallets are a great step towards making things far easier for discerning Monsieurs; These iPhone wallets only have space for 2 important cards (3 if you want to squeeze), a wad of cash and your iPhone- Perfect!

Portel, the company with Retro-Modern Aesthetics

It all began when Piret Port, the founder of the company, found a pair of old felt boots from her childhood home; Felt intrigued her and as soon as the measurements of the first generation iPads were made public, Portel had their first product- a felt and leather iPad case.

Fifty years of Soviet occupation has not helped the development of Estonia (where Portel is based), but a positive aspect is that a rich tradition of handicraft is not only forgotten but continually improved upon; the Portel iPhone Leather Wallet is proof that necessity IS the mother of invention and we get to partake of this wallet’s handcrafted goodness. Available on Etsy.

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