When in Brogues…Crockett & Jones “Weymouth” Oxford Wholecut Shoes

Posted on August 12, 2011


I’ve had a long 2 weeks (in-laws in town coupled with a big presentation at work) so please pardon the pun especially when the last movie I watched on digital TV was In Bruges (awesome movie FYI).

Crockett & Jones Weymouth Oxford whole cut with Oak bark leather sole.

When in Brogues…Crockett & Jones Weymouth Oxford Wholecut Shoes

Wing Tip Brogues are in vogue now and that’s a problem for me. First, brogue shoes are a tad seasonal and the monsieur.com is actually in the business (not really, at least not in the financial sense) of classic elegance. Secondly, they have to be in vogue, otherwise it looks like you just happen to be wearing Grandpa’s Boardwalk Empire era shoes.

These brown Weymouth Oxford Wholecut shoes from Crockett & Jones on the other hand brings brogues detailing to a whole new level of simple. Ever the fan of less is more, the brogues detail sans wing tips makes this a choice shoe for me. I can flirt with brogues and yet embrace my aesthetic ideal of forking out good money for fashionable items that aren’t bound to trends and cycles. It’s a win win. [Shop here]


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