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Luxe Investment: Corthay Shoes from Monsieur Corthay

October 30, 2011


Pierre Corthay ranks amongst the best. That needed to be said upfront. A classically trained shoemaker, he apprenticed at luminary marques John Lobb and Berlutti and let me say unequivocally- the apple doesn’t fall very fair away from the shoemaking tree. Though Corthay shoes often straddle (rather successfully I might add) the line between what’s […]

The Best Looking Quartz Watch: Uniform Wares 250 Series Wristwatch

October 26, 2011


War, what is it good for? Definitely not absolutely nothing. Wrist watches for one, they got invented during the first World War. Lord knows but I’m guessing it’s not particularly healthy to stop as bullets whizz by while you try to fish your pocket watch from your trench coat (yes, the first trench coat was […]

Why Would Rolex Sign Tiger Woods? Because He’s Not a Hasbeen.

October 26, 2011


On one hand, we have the world’s most famous recognizable watch brands—casting its lot with a dude many consider a moral reprobate or, worse, a has-been. Has the famously precise Swiss timepiece maker finally sproinged its own gears? What on earth is Rolex thinking? [via Slate] Slate’s take: Some have speculated that Rolex is “buying low,” stealing […]

Menswear 2012: Gentlemen Looking Distinguished with Rose & Born

October 22, 2011


It’s not often that you find photo-shoots for menswear so decadently luxurious, to the sartorially inclined it’s akin to watching porn (oh the irony)- when it comes to the fine art of dressing like a gent it’s not easy for separate trendy from timeless. Thankfully, Rose & Born has taken a lot of the guesswork out […]

Affordable Luxury: Timex Intelligent Quartz T Flyback Chronograph

October 18, 2011


The thing about writing for magazines is that you are often beholden to advertisers (not biting the hand that feeds you and what not); While Bell & Ross have developed rather beautiful case and dial designs, I find their price tags a tad un-acceptable for luxury timepieces with stock ETA movements. Timex Intelligent Quartz T […]

Mad Men Style: McRitchie Cardigan Washed Shetland Camel

October 17, 2011


Everyone pays so much attention to the skinny tie, slim lapel suits on Mad Men that they fail to properly educate the wider public of dapper Monsieur’s out there to the retrolicious subtleties of living in the 1960s- what happens when career white collar professionals return to their sub-urban homes? The wife greets them with […]

Step Out in Style Autumn Winter 2011: Bstore for French Trotters

October 16, 2011


Alden for FrenchTrotters from FrenchTrotters on Vimeo. When I last touched on French Trotters in the How to Complement Your Suit article, they were really just a footnote (no pun intended) introduction to a label that was stylistically timeless yet captured the ephemeral quality of trendiness through in-vogue-cordovan  foot ware. I didn’t say much then but with French Trotters, the […]