Channel Your Inner Stark: A Keyboard for any Great Industrialist

Posted on November 15, 2011


While Googling “Awesome keyboards” I came across this little tidbit tucked away 6 pages deep in search. I’m pretty sure even as I write this, the steampunked retrotastic data entry device must be rocketing up the search engine.

Call me misogynistic, but nothing turns me on more than a babe lady in eyeglasses huddled over typewriter- in other words, the hot secretary. For every generation of Mad Men, the distinctive click clack of typewriters and the all too audible “ding!” with each new paragraph conjures up the penetrative illusion of sex on a desk (I’ll leave you readers out there to figure this one out). But today, this gift is more for you gentlemen Industrialists out there.

CEO collective - The Great Industrialist Keyboard

CEO Collective’s Handcrafted Keyboard for Industrialists

Dubbed The Great Industrialist, this “steampunked” computer keyboard is limited to a 100 only production and numbered, I’m wont to call it historic as alluded in their website here but nevertheless, I would say that in the years to come, it would be a piece of retro hi tech that would grace your desk and invite curiosity from all who visit your inner sanctum.

Fully functional, the beauty of detailed craftwork belies the technology within, each detailed and guaranteed to work on all computers. Mimicking the classic elegance of the typewriter’s round keys and the tactile keypress experience replete with ‘click’, the black leather and chrome keyboard comes with a solid frame rated for millions of key presses. Go ahead, channel your inner Tony Stark. [Shop here


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