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Classic Elegance: Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante

March 15, 2012


Many have often written off Bell & Ross as an overpriced 46mm square “aviation-inspired” watch brand with stock ETA movements. Others (like myself) have waited in quiet reverence for the day to finally arrive- The Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante from Bell & Ross. A grand complication with the simplest of dials, B&R’s latest collection stands proudly, […]

Affordable Luxury: Alden Shoes Black Shell Plaza George Boot

March 14, 2012


In 1981, a fading Paramount Pictures mountain was intersected by a familiar fedora wearing silhouette. Even before his razor sharp reflexes were evident, already this stubbly jawed adventurer cut a heroic figure. He was Indiana Jones and he was “raiding” the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Back then sans the internet, geekery was already in […]

Luxe Investment: Burberry Bags, Shoes and Accessories Spring Summer 2012

March 8, 2012


There’s an old adage: You get what you pay for; and with a 150 year old established marque like Burberry, you can be rest assured that quality and luxurious detail will be hallmarks of this Brit luxury house. After all, it’s not mere coincidence that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness […]

Affordable Luxury: Mark Giusti Milano Essential Laptop Bag

March 7, 2012


A contradiction in terms no doubt- can a “luxury” by it’s very nature be affordable? And what if the item is exquisitely crafted, impeccably detailed and yet offered at a less than princely sum of €600? Indeed that’s what you get an affordable luxury in form of a Mark Giusti Milano Laptop Bag. A Style […]